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    School of Biotechnology of East China University of Science & Technology was founded in 1996. But the School is the first institution in China to provide major on Antibiotic Manufacturing 1954. In 1980, the School expanded and became the first institution to provide Biochemical Engineering major. In 1991, the School was also the first to issue Ph.D. degree on Biochemical Engineering.
    The School has two adjunct national research bases: the State Key Laboratory of Bioreactor Engineering (SKLBE) and the National Engineering Center for Biotechnology (NECB).SKLBE was initiated in 1989, authorized by MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology of China) in 1995, and formally open in 1996. The GOOD evaluation was given twice to the SKLBE in 2001 and 2006 by MOST. NECB was established in 1996, and supported by the MOST for the commercialization of industrial biotechnology processes.
    In 1999, the school was granted to Yangtze River Scholarship by MOE (Ministry of Education of China); Biochemical Engineering Program was approved as Shanghai Key Discipline in 2000 and State Key Discipline in 2001, and passed the evaluation by MOE in 2006. Fermentation Engineering Ph.D program was established in 2003 and became Shanghai Key Discipline in 2007. The School of Biotechnology stayed in an important status nationally with its development and improvement; it also granted the top rank both in Shanghai and China.
    The School presently has one Chemistry Engineering and Technology postdoctoral research station. The Light Industry Technology and Engineering postdoctoral research station is in construction stage right now. The college offers 4 Ph.D programs (Biochemistry Engineering, Fermentation Engineering, Biochemistry and Molecule Biology, Chemistry Biotechnology and Engineering); 9 master programs (Biochemistry Engineering, Fermentation Engineering, Biochemistry and Molecule Biology, Food science and Technology, Microbiology, Microbiology and Biochemistry Medicine, Marine Biology, Chemistry Biotechnology and Engineering); 2 master of Engineering (Bioengineering area, Food science and Technology area). It owns 3 departments (Department of Bioengineering, Department of Applied Biology, Department of Food science and Technology); 5 undergraduate programs (Bioengineering, Biology Science, Biology Technology, Food Science and Technology, Food Quality and Safety) as well. The School has the most advanced research facilities both nationally and internationally; it also has the perfect management systems, which create a favorable environment and development space for disciplinary.
    With the fast development and improvement in recent years, the School owns best discipline leaders in the world and a large number of young research leaders. Currently, the School has 28 professors, 48 associate professors. Two of them are engaged “Changjiang Scholar Honorary Distinguished Professor” of ministry of education. One is selected to as the outstanding researcher by national natural science foundation of China. Four of them gained new century excellent talented people plan, which is offered by ministry of education. One of them is the national “863” scientist. There are in total 600 undergraduate students, 450 master students and 120 Ph.D students in the School.
    The School has completely Biochemistry Engineering and Fermentation Engineering with support of the State Key Laboratory of Bioreactor Engineering (SKLBE) and the National Engineering Center for Biotechnology (NECB). The major research fields include: Bioreactor Engineering; Biocatalysis and Enzyme Engineering; Cell Culture and Tissue Engineering; Marine Biotechnology; Biosystems Engineering; Agriculture and Energy Biotechnology; and Natural Products and Bioseparation Engineering. With upstream, middlestream, downstream biotechnology combing tightly, the integration of development of product and technology, enlargement of processing and equipments has been achieved. During the 8th, 9th, 10th and the 11th “five years development plan”, the School was ranked higher in research funding. The School has trained numbers of excellent professional people for country.
    The School has clear program features and excellent teaching skills. In recent years, it is ranked as the second by National Science and technology advancement awards twice, three times national science academic awards, and earned over 10 awards from other province and departments. On the teaching skill side, the School is awarded six times of provincially and/or nationally on its education materials. The course of Fermentation Engineering, Enzyme Engineering became the excellent course on national base. The Gene Engineering, Biochemistry, and Bioseparation engineering were awarded as Shanghai excellent course. Over ten textbooks includes fermentation engineering has been selected into national 11th five years plan.
    Recently, the School host multiple international events includes International Symposium on Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering on 2009; the 13th International Biotechnology Symposium & Exhibition (IBS) on 2008; the International Symposium on Clean Energy Technology (ISCET) on 2007; the International Symposium on Bioenergy and Bioprocess Engineering (ISBBE) on 2007; the ISBBE on 2005; the ISBBE on 2003, etc. The School cooperates and communicates widely with other institutions or universities nationally and internationally. It also established tight cooperation with the large and/or middle capitalized companies,which formed a classical associate entity on industry-university-research in China. This kind entity provides large contribution on the promotion and development of the discipline.
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