Brief Introduction


A great variety of cultural activities organised by the university, such as Culturel and Art Festival, Ideological and Academic Festival, and Society Festival have enriched the students’extra-curricular activities and provided them with a large stage to show their talent as well as to improve their capabilities.

During the Culturel and Art Festival held in the auditorium students give their singing and dancing programmes, sketches and musical performances.Some professional groups have also been invited to give their performances to share the festival with all the students and staff of ECUST.

Ideological and Academic Festival is one activity which aims at exchanging the results of scientific research and improving the atmosphere of scientific research of our university. During the festival, both distinguished experts and scholars from outside of ECUST and professors and elites of different subjects from ECUST will introduce the new research trends and findings to the teachers and students in forms of reports and lectures. In the meantime, they will discuss the methods of scientific research, exchange some information about the specialities and technological fields with teachers and students as well. In accordance with the requirements of “One School, One Brand”and the features of their specialties and jobs the Youth League Committees of all schools initiate a series of activities in Ideological and Academic Festival with the character of their own schools. With the increased enthusiasm of participating in these activities, students have learned and been enlightened a lot.

Society Festival is a stage on which nearly one hundred students’societies will carry out their activities aiming at stimulating and enriching students’ extra-curricular life. Students from the societies concerned with learning, practice, art and literature and physical training will show their unique acquirements. Now  the societies’activities have improved in terms of popularization, scale, depth and integreting with the classes and dormitories. On the basis of learning from each other, mutual support, and making full use of the resources, all the members have given full play to the role of societies and built a harmonious atmosphere on ECUST campus.

In addition, there are some more activities quite popular with the students, including ECUST Making, a series of activities on displaying the gift of freshmen and activities made by the graduates. With an integrity of entertainment and education, the above activities are usually in forms of musical performance, calligraphy contest, dancing match, speech contest and long-distance running match. Meanwhile, they have become a great stage on which students can show both their cultural and artistic talent and their positive and healthy image.

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