Nobel laureate and Taiwan Academician of Sciences Appointed as Honorary Professor of ECUST

    Academician Karl Barry Sharpless, winner of the 2001 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, and Academician Liu Hongwen from the Academia Sinica, Taiwan, were appointed as Honorary Professors of ECUST on October 20, 2017. At the appointment ceremony, Mr. Liu Changsheng, Vice President of ECUST presented them with the Appointment Letters and the school badges. The ceremony was also attended by Mr. Wang Huifeng, Director of Personnel Department, Mr. Li Yongsheng, Director of International Cooperation and Exchange Office, Mr. Zhuang Yingping, Dean of the School of Bioengineering, Professor Zhao Liming and Vice Deab Zhang Lixin of the School of Bioengineering. 

    Professor Karl Barry Sharpless, a member of the American Academy of Sciences and a researcher at Scripps Research Institute, jointly won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their achievements in the field of chiral catalytic oxidation in 2001, together with American scientist William S. Knowles and Japanese scientist Ryoji Noyori. They created a brand new research area for the synthesis of molecules and substances with new characteristics. Academician Liu Hongwen has long been engaged in basic research in the field of chemistry and biology. His research mainly focuses on the analysis of important natural product biosynthesis pathways and reveals relevant enzymatic unique reaction mechanisms. In recent years his team have been dedicated to studying the unique chemical transformations in a wide range of natural products.


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