For security reasons and to ensure a tidy and silent environment for study and research, the university library has issued the following regulations:
  • 1. Users shall comply with all regulations issued by all departments of the library.
  • 2. Users entering the open-shelf reading room and Stack Room shall show library card and sign in.
  • 3. Smoking is prohibited in the Library.
  • 4. Users are expected to be civilized. Spitting and littering are not permitted in the Library.
  • 5. Keep silent in study areas.
  • 6. Take care good of all library properties and facilities. Vandalism will be punished.
  • 7. RUsers can refer to FAQ or ask an attendant for help.
Regulations of Circulation Department
  • Borrow & Return: Users must borrow the books selected from the Stack at Catalog Hall before leaving, For faculty and staff, graduate students, second-degree students, students of the Excellence department borrow may up to 20 books for 2 months; 1 month extension will be granted upon renewal. Undergraduates and associate undergraduates may borrow up to 8 books. Users with temporary admission card A may borrow up to 5 books and those with temporary admission card B 3 books for 1 month without renewal privilege. Anyone willingly keep over due books may be denied for future borrowing. Return books at Catalog Hall.
  • New Book Borrow & Return: To allow more readers to view new books, select new books are displayed for 6 months on the New-book Shelf located in the south-east corner on the 3rd floor.
Regulations of Reading Department
  • 1. Admission is reserved for users with a valid library card.  A temporary library card may be issued to  non-University readers. The library card can not be loaned to other users.
  • 2. The reader is responsible for minor damages such as highlighting, pencil underlining, ink marks, margin notes,    on any reading materials and will be punished for serious damages such as tearing pages from books..
  • 4. Materials can not be taken out of the reading room without permission.
  • 5. Users shall behave properly in the reading room; fetch no more than two books each time and return them to their former locations after use. Shut off the table lights upon leaving. Smoking, spitting, littering and eating are prohibited.
  • 6. Users may borrow one book for 1 day each time.

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